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Aeterna - Box set 1

Book Box set 1:

Aeterna Chronicles

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Formats: Ebook
Paperback ASIN:
Ebook ASIN: B0B57Q2D7M
ISBN-13: 979-8201156749

About the Book

Welcome to the Aeterna Chronicles...

Shackles of Guilt

Fight for Love. Fight to Survive. Save Levitor City.

Young and ambitious Earmon climbed the ladder in Levitor City. As the Queen’s topmost advisor, he has everything he’s ever dreamed of—except for princess Zenithia’s love.

In a world of intrigue, blood, and war, his love is put to the test. When he witnesses an intruder inside the city and decides to keep it a secret, he unwittingly unleashes a terrifying chain of events. His friend, Turak, is under attack, and Levitor’s shield fractures. The horde of savages and beasts prowling outside the city advances, and Earmon must battle for survival.

But his hardest trial is yet to come: protect the life of the one he loves the most at the risk of losing his own.

In the end, will he be enough to save her and the city?

Shackles of Guilt is a page-turning young adult sci-fi novel packed with suspense and a touch of romance and fantasy.

Strands of Time

A baker’s apprentice bites off more than he can chew when he discovers the truth of who he really is.

Seventeen-year-old Kallum has life all planned out: pass his simulation test, snap up a job on the upper rung, and ask the girl of his dreams out. No more working at the bakery.

But life has a funny way of ruining plans.

Not only does he get reassigned to a hermit, but his hallucinations also make him fear that he’s turning into his worst nightmare: becoming one of the Crazies.

Worse still, the aetherium, an energy stone bestowed by the alien race called the Aeternas, is failing. And, according to the hermit, it’s all Kallum’s fault. Without the dome shield protecting Levitor, the Reavers and beasts roaming the land outside are bound to invade.

Levitor’s fate rests upon Kallum’s shoulders. He’s the only one who can seek out his father, who has the means to save the city. But the Aeternas are hunting him down, and he’s running out of time.

What will he sacrifice for the greater good?

Strands of Time is the first installment in the Aeterna Chronicles series. If you love young adult sci-fi, portal fantasy, time travel, and a touch of romance, don’t miss Kris Ruhler’s debut novel.

Coils of Revenge

Sacrifice a few for the greater good or save your loved ones? Sometimes, deciding what’s right is the greatest challenge yet.

How can Kallum ignore his visions when they show him the deaths of the people he cares about? Clinging to a thread of hope, left with no choice, he takes matters into his own hands and returns to Levitor—only to be caught and arrested.

Now, stuck in a prison cell, his fight for survival begins. Not only is he pitted against a Reaver, but the Aeternas suddenly show up and demand the city hand him over.

Kallum’s very existence becomes a life-or-death chase. But he vows to fix the aetherium, seek out his father, and escape the Aeternas.

Doing so won’t be easy.

Doubts torment him, and his thirst for blood is all-consuming.

Failure isn’t an option. Kallum must push himself and decide how far he’s willing to go.

Find out in Coils of Revenge, the second installment in the Aeterna Chronicles.

Kallum’s adventures return in the Ember Chronicles coming in summer 2023.

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Shackles of Guilt

Book 0.5

Severed Ties

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Strands of Time

Book 1

Coils of Revenge

Book 2

Shattered Souls

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Fractured Bonds

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Scorched Threads

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Aeterna - Box set 1

Book Box set 1

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Book Box set 2

Aeterna - Box set 3

Book Box set 3
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