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Aeterna - Box set 2

Book Box set 2:

Aeterna Chronicles

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Formats: Ebook
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ISBN-13: 979-8215314425

About the Book

Welcome to the Aeterna Chronicles...

Severed Ties
A scientist filled with doubts. A four-year-old facing death. A momentous journey to save her.

For Belor, life in Cerulis provides a myriad of comforts: endless food, a nice and warm home, and his dream job. He has life all planned out.
But when four-year-old Saya is about to be executed, Belor makes an irreversible decision that upheaves his entire life.
Soon, the pair find themselves on the run, fighting for survival. Saya is no ordinary four-year-old. She is a half-Aeterna, a race of beings banned from Cerulis.

Will Belor be able to keep Saya alive?

A story about integrity, choices, and struggles, Severed Ties is the prequel to the Aeterna Chronicles. Follow Belor as he meets the two protagonists, Khara and Essie, before books 3 to 6.

Shattered Souls

Stand in the line of fire or embark on a dangerous mission? Khara’s choice is to escape. But where can she go when her worst enemy lurks within?

Khara, a teen soldier in the Mythren army, yearns for freedom. Faced with a moral dilemma, she takes a stand, defies the army’s rules, and stands in the line of fire. Literally.
So when a high-value scientist is taken hostage, Khara seizes the opportunity, joins the rescue team, and leaves the army’s Compound. Little does she know about the dangers that lurk in the forests and mountains: beasts, bandits, and a strange stalker who’s sabotaging their mission.
To top it all off, Khara’s biggest enemy is…herself. During bouts of memory loss, another being surfaces from within her—a fierce, ruthless warrior. One who won’t hesitate to hurt the people Khara cares about.
Belor, the kidnapped scientist, is the only one with the cure. The race is on to find him before Khara loses complete control and the warrior unleashes chaos.
Will they get to Belor in time?

A story about integrity, identity, loyalty and a flawed heroine, Shattered Souls is the third installment of the Aeterna Chronicles coming-of-age science fantasy series.

Fractured Bonds

Enter the lion’s den. Find the cure. Rescue her guardian. A simple mission, except they’ve been waiting for her…

Reeling from the battle with the Jinns, Khara splits up with the team. She heads to the walled-off city of Cerulis to find Belor and a cure for her deepest fear—the Other.

A being that lies dormant within her.

A ruthless fighter who has no qualms about hurting the people she loves.

But Cerulis City poses a challenge, and the Sanctum Labs are impregnable. Even worse is the threat of the Mythren army marching toward them. Khara finds herself running for her life.

But where can she run when the Cerulian scientists can control her with the push of a button?

A story about integrity, identity, and a flawed heroine, Fractured Bonds is the fourth installment of the Aeterna Chronicles coming-of-age science fantasy series.

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