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Echoes of Zero

Book 3:

Chosen Legends

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Formats: Ebook, Paperback
Paperback ASIN: B0D2TCL96T
ISBN-13: 979-8323586486

About the Book

Flame has been taken captive, and Ash will stop at nothing to free her sister. No matter the sacrifice.

An ancient Entity is heading for Earth. The key to stopping the monster: Unite the six Legends and find the Auracles, artifacts that could turn the tide in the forthcoming battle.

Ash has to choose to either rescue her sister or find the Auracles to save humanity. But Flame is her only family, and she can't turn her back on family. Forging ahead, Ash enters the lair of the shadowy organization known as Opal.

Her choice comes at a heavy cost.

The mission goes sideways. Flame is under powerful mind control, and every moment chips away at her willpower. After a harrowing encounter with Opal's leader, Rimes, one of the six Legends is terribly injured. Reeling, they find refuge in the Sanctuary.

Finding Flame isn’t easy, their safety is temporary, and the enemy is always one step ahead. One thing is painfully clear: someone is working against them.

But when friends turn to foes and enemies to allies, who can they trust?

The fate of Earth lies in the hands of six Legends. That is if they can work together.

Dive into Echoes of Zero, the third installment in the Chosen Legends, a young adult urban fantasy series.  If you like supernatural encounters, dystopian worlds, and thrilling suspense, follow Ash’s journey in this coming-of -age story about family, identity, and values.


Clarity found herself standing on a silver stage with red curtains behind her. Above her, bright, colorful lights cast their glares down and bounced off the polished metal. Before her were rows of mahogany seats set in arches that stretched into darkness.

A theater? Is this real? she thought.

The light above shifted, and instinctively, she lifted her hands, willing her power to surge from her fingertips. Nothing happened. She was completely powerless.

This must be a dream. Or is it a vision?

Unease washed over her. Something prickled at the back of her neck. Where the velvet seats faded into the shadows, it was as if a thousand pairs of eyes were watching her every move. Clarity clenched her fists and shivered. She was alone. Or at least, she hoped so.

Whatever was there, it couldn’t hurt her in the dream.

One by one, each spotlight above switched off with a bang, the light narrowing into a slice that illuminated where she stood. She startled, her heart pounding in her chest, but she could only remain still and wait. Finally, all that remained was a violet spotlight beaming down on her.

Another light flickered and lit up a front-row seat. Clarity swallowed. A bead of sweat ran down her temple. She understood the message: she was expected to watch something. But what? She cast a glance at the silky curtains behind her, tensing.

Ignoring the urge to run away, she stepped forward, the spotlight easily following her movements. Her nerves only worsened as she sank into the seat. Every fiber of her being told her to wake up. Yet, another part of her was curious. Her visions always served a purpose.

Suddenly, the spotlight above her disappeared, plunging her into the shadows. Clarity held her breath, her senses on alert.

A violin began playing, echoing in a way that made it impossible to tell which direction it was coming from. A soft piano tune followed. The melodic waltz was so soothing that she felt herself losing focus. Her shoulders slumped as she relaxed to the tune. As she drifted away, she forgot that she was in a dream. All she could focus on was the music.

The silky, crimson curtains parted, the swishing sound drawing her full attention. Clarity straightened, squinting into the darkness.

A faceless marionette came forward, scarlet strings dangling above it. A soft, turquoise glow surrounded its body, and Clarity frowned. She recognized that aura.

A new Meta was brought to Opal’s base yesterday. She was an angry girl with wavy brown hair and blue plasma sparks that burned anyone who touched her. Her name was Flame, Clarity recalled. She’d been terrified of Flame because even advanced nullifiers couldn’t contain her power. Now, as a marionette, she looked even creepier.

Marionette-Flame’s head tilted, staring at Clarity. She swallowed, fingernails digging into the velvet armrests. She scratched at the fabric anxiously as the music switched keys again. It became distorted, filled with static. The violin turned scratchy, and the piano’s off-key tune grated on her nerves. The marionette began to speak without a mouth, its voice echoing throughout the theater. This is a dream, she remembered, attempting to soothe her fright as she listened closely.

“Two will fall, three will burn. One alone cannot save the world.”

What the—what did that even mean? Frustration built up inside of Clarity, and her head throbbed as she tried to process the marionette’s words. But none of it made any sense to her. There were six Chosen Legends. Was she talking about them?

Small, crimson fireworks exploded, sparks falling onto the stage around the marionettes and transforming into aqua glitter. The sounds of the explosions fizzed into an endless static noise. The light on the center stage wavered, casting light on something shifting above Marionette-Flame, revealing another marionette. But this one was drenched in shadows and much larger, peering over the stage like an overlord. In its hands, it held the strings attached to Marionette-Flame.


He was controlling Marionette-Flame, but as Clarity watched in horror, she realized that Rimes was being controlled, too, pulled back and forth by the shadows surrounding him.

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