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Threads of Illusion

Book 2:

Chosen Legends

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Formats: Ebook, Paperback
Paperback ASIN: B0CSF9SZQG
ISBN-13: 979-8876153210

About the Book

An inevitable battle. A ruthless Mage. Six Chosen Legends tasked with the impossible.

After witnessing the death of his friend, Michael is on the run from Black Opal. His only option is to find Ash and Flame, seek answers to the mark on his hand, and get to Base One, a safe place for Metas.

But nothing works as planned.

Not only is he framed for murder and becomes a wanted fugitive, but Flame has fallen into Opal’s clutches. Time is running out. Together with Ash, Michael sets off for Base One to find allies to rescue her.
It’s not exactly a walk in the park, especially when the base doesn’t feel right. The atmosphere is too cheery, and the Metas’ plastered smiles feel forced.

Who is friend? Who is foe?

Something else looms on the horizon. It isn’t inside the base. Nor is it Black Opal. Thousands of light years away, a monster is heading straight for Earth—an ancient evil whose power exceeds anything humanity has ever witnessed.

The fight for survival has only just begun.

Bursting with action, Threads of Illusion is the second installment in the Chosen Legends, a young adult urban fantasy series. If you like supernatural encounters, dystopian worlds, and thrilling suspense, follow Michael’s journey in this story of friendship, identity, and flawed heroes.

Chapter 1


Why you watching this house like a thief? No one inside. Tempest’s thoughts rattled in my head.

It was too much to hope she’d stay at the safe house. I sighed. This is my house. Used to be. I just need to pick up something. How did you find me?

Follow smell.

This new mind connection I had with Tempest was, without a doubt, useful. Thoughts worked faster than words, and I could explain things in seconds. Still, the connection made me uneasy. I didn’t like my thoughts read without my consent.

Can I come out of hiding now?

Since you’re already here, come on.

A head peeked out from a nearby bush, and then Tempest rushed toward me, keeping her head low. She beamed, and I automatically smiled back. Maybe having the wolf-shifter around wasn’t so bad. Tempest was good company, even though the invasiveness still weirded me out.

We watched my house, crouching behind a tree in the early morning hours—too early, in my opinion.

No one in house or around. We go in? She crossed her arms, pouting. This is nice house. Then why you so sad? No ice-cream?

My heart ached. Not only did she read my thoughts, but she felt my emotions, too. How could I explain the longing that crept into my mind? That house wasn’t just a house. For the last seven years, it had been my home, a shelter I’d lived in with my foster parents.

Now, for Janet and Mark’s safety, I had to leave.

“It’s too dangerous,” I said aloud. “Bad men are after me, so we can’t stay in this house.”

“We make good team,” she whispered.

I thought of my fight the previous day with Tim, the Mole-Man, and Ivanov, the Tall-Man. Tim had an enhanced sense of smell, while Ivanov, a Precog, could predict all my moves. I wouldn't have made it alive if not for the twins, Ash and Flame. Now that the two girls were in danger, I couldn’t just sit back and wait.

“These men are really bad, Tempest,” I insisted. “The two of us can’t bring them down.”

Tempest shrugged. She didn’t understand the logic. With the attention span of a puppy, she was probably having trouble hearing me. Or was it the attention span of a wolf?

I sighed, following the wolf-shifter’s gaze as she tracked the path of a black squirrel scampering up a tree across from us.

Despite her lack of attention, I trusted her senses. No one was inside the house, for sure. Tim and Ivanov—the two trackers sent by Black Opal—had already been through my house the day before.

Black Opal was an organization hunting Metas—people with powers like Tempest and me. And for some reason, they wanted me because of a strange mark on the back of my hand?

So why all the jittery nerves? Why were the red, smoky tendrils—that only appeared in impending danger—circling my fingers now? Something wasn’t right. Someone was watching me…

“It’s not that I don’t believe you,” I continued warily. “The men who are after me have abilities. They might be able to mask their scent or make themselves invisible.”

My thoughts veered to Westview Hospital, to Rimes and his men in military outfits. To Ben pleading with me…

My throat hitched, and beads of sweat gathered at my temples. I pushed the memory away. Get your act together, Michael. You’re a survivor.

Tempest must’ve heard that thought as she threw me a curious look. She had no clue what I was talking about, and I had no clue how to explain any of what happened to a wolf-girl. Even though she looked like a fourteen-year-old like me, she’d lived in the forest since she was five. Abandoned by her parents for being different.

“What that smell?” Tempest asked suddenly, casting a frown at my backpack. “Metal?”

I stiffened at her disgust. Obviously, she knew my backpack’s exact contents. Before I’d left the safe house earlier, I’d ripped off the hidden compartment inside the fridge and retrieved a couple of weapons stacked there. Upon closer inspection, thankfully, most of them were tasers and non-lethal.

“It’s just for emergencies,” I said. “You have powers, and I have mine. But these people have nullifiers that take away our powers.”

Tempest huffed, but I could sense her confusion. “Wolf no need weapons,” she said. “We has claws and teeth. Null—thingies not work on wolf.”

“Let’s hope they don’t,” I said. “The weapons are just in case, alright? I don’t like them either.”

That seemed to reassure her. We sat in silence for a few minutes, on alert. The streets were mostly deserted, so I decided the area was clear. It was safe to move.

“Wait here,” I said to her. “I’ll go into the house, get a phone number and a few other things, and come back before you know it. Then we’ll set off for school.”

“School?” Tempest said, wrinkling her nose. “You said we go find base!”

I have to go find my friends first, I thought.

The one with blue sparks on hand?

Flame. My throat constricted. Yes

Bad men took her? Then We go rescue her.

“I don’t where they’re keeping her. But her sister might know. I’m meeting her at the school. We’ll go to the base afterward, don’t worry. Uh, that is, if we can even find it and not get lost in Everwood.”

The previous night, Ash, Flame, and I had been on our way to find the base where Metas—people with powers like me—were safe and trained to control their abilities. But before we could get there, a terrible explosion erupted. Tempest and I barely survived, thanks to my shield.

I was separated from Ash and Flame, the only two people I’d befriended for a long time—alright, I didn’t have any friends to begin with until those two, both Metas, entered my life. Left with no choice and only Tempest tagging along, I’d headed back to the safe house, hoping my new-but-now-missing friends would end up there after being sucked into a portal. But no one came.

So here I was in front of my house, crouching and sneaking around like a thief.

All I’d ever wanted was to have perfect attendance and be good to my foster parents. But I’d always felt…different. Maybe it was because of the recurring nightmares of a red-eyed creature. And that was before my power manifested five days ago.

Then there was my other ability, the one Ash called co-evil. Covel? Or something like that. The ability to see events occurring in the present, even if I wasn’t physically there. The visions also manifested in dreams. The day before, I took a nap and dreamed about Ben. I knew without a doubt that what I saw was real. Opal’s agents were giving him a good beating, all because he helped me escape. I’d rushed to Westview Hospital, thinking I could save him.

Ben, my former friend whom I’d resented for betraying me, was killed before my very eyes. Ben, who’d tried to protect me from Rimes and Black Opal.

I shook my head. That was another thing I couldn’t explain to Tempest. Or to anyone. If you’d told me to base my decisions on dreams, I’d think you were a lunatic, too.

When I woke up this morning soaked in sweat, I knew for sure the dreams weren’t just dreams. They were real. There was no red-eyed creature, but there was a faint presence in the forest right at the spot where Ash and Flame had been teleported away. A boy—a Meta—inspecting the scorched ground. No doubt his doing. I sensed his confusion and guilt in the dream. He knew what he was doing wasn’t right.

But I noticed something else. The boy had a mark on the back of his hand. A mark similar to mine and Ash’s, but the inner symbol was curved lines in the shape of a spade. He must be one of the two teens Karma, Ash’s guardian, had tracked down.

Karma was trying to bring the ones with the mark together. But if the boy was trying to kill us and was working for Opal, then getting the marked Metas together was going to be near impossible.

Soon after, my dream shifted to a new setting I didn’t recognize. The images were distorted, and I caught a glimpse of Ash running. From who or what, I didn’t know. Then, I had a vision of Rimes watching her on a screen. I knew that he could sense my presence in the visions. Somehow, he could do that. That was how he lured me to Westview Hospital the day before. He’d been so sure that I would show up.

I could feel Ash’s despair and pain. The indecision whirling around in her head. Only one thing could’ve brought her to that state: she was alone and left Flame behind.

Find Michael! Find Michael. The thought repeated in Ash’s mind like a broken record. That made no sense. Why come find me and leave her sister on her own?

That dream couldn’t be true—Ash would never leave Flame.

The fog over the images lifted, and a familiar scene with cars and a courtyard appeared. Golden Birch High School. I figured Ash was trying to send me a message. Her telepathic abilities were weak, but her despair somehow enhanced them. If she managed to contact me, then something was up.

Flame was in danger. That was the only conclusion I could draw, the only thing that could bring Ash to tears. What she cared the most about was her sister, Flame.

At the thought of the girl with hazel eyes and spiky hair, my throat tightened, and my hands shook slightly.

After finding my social worker’s phone number in my house, I resolved to head to the high school and wait. Could I trust this co-evil—or was it coeval—power? What happened to Flame? Why were the twin sisters separated? What happened the previous night?

Tempest frowned at me, worry etched on her face, and I clenched my fists. Focus, Michael. Have a plan and stick to it.

You worry blue-sparks girl. We go after bad men. We find her.

Tempest’s thoughts took me aback. Did I mention I hated that mind-connection? I liked my privacy.

We make good team! She beamed at me again, and my irritation faded. I couldn’t stay angry at her for too long. She’d been the leader of her pack of wolves before I turned up. After losing her pack, she decided to stick by my side for some reason. I slackened my mental block. I had to get used to the connection as long as Tempest was around.

I straightened, cringing as my knees cracked, and made my way to the front door. Tempest’s uneasiness washed over me, but I pushed it away. Slowly, I retrieved my key, wondering whether I should leave it somewhere for Janet to pick it up. Everything felt so unreal.

A shriek in my head interrupted my thoughts and made me flinch.

Someone coming! Hide!

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