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Neuracode - Part 1

Book 0.5:

Project Juniper

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Formats: Ebook, paperback
Paperback ASIN: B0CVFTPT3M
Ebook ASIN: B0CT45S8VK
ISBN-13: 979-8878651103

About the Book

A reluctant thief. A caring robot. A death that changes everything.

QUINN wants nothing more than to live a normal life after being rescued from the New Realm station. But when he and his eccentric friend Hana encounter Cass, he finds himself dragged into countless daring schemes.

Normal is no longer an option.

And with their most ambitious job on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever. They’ll need to pull out all the stops—their lives depend on it.

TSUKI is a special PAC—Personal Assistant and Care—bot. Her unique personality chip allows her to experience the intricacies of life, including a wide spectrum of emotions.

Humanity is hers to embrace.

Through painting and taking care of her friends, Tsuki enjoys her life on the New Realm station. But she’s about to discover everything she thought she knew about humanity is wrong. So very wrong.

Neuracode: Part I is the first half of the prequel to Project Juniper, a thrilling YA/NA cyberpunk series written by Eris Goode.


MARCH 03, 2509

Waiting in the glass cages is the worst part of it all. Quinn shrinks in the corner of his prison and shudders. He misses his home. His parents. He thought it’d be a happy thing when they were all Blessed together. Freedom from the Fray, at last.

The megascreens fold downward from the ceiling. The screens seem to calm most of the other prisoners, but Quinn can only feel misery at the sight of them. He covers his ears with his hands. And when the screens play that merry tune and glow with images of sunrises and laughter that he’ll never see, he’s never been more certain that this isn’t freedom.

The glass door of his cell suddenly slides open, and he looks up to see a surly Peace Department official with greasy hair. The thin man is flanked by an Enforcer, its silver planes glinting under the painfully bright lights. Quinn shudders at the sight of the lethal droid. He’s always hated how creepy they looked, built in a humanoid form yet with nothing but a flat surface where the face should be.

The official nudges him with the toe of his boot. “Get up, boy. It’s your turn.”

He doesn’t move. Doesn’t speak. Instead, he buries his face in his arms, hoping that if he doesn’t look, all of this will go away.

The official lets out a drawn-out groan. “The kids. It’s always the fritzing kids. Can’t even beat them into shape, or else I get in trouble.”

The official’s heavy boots clomp towards him. And with no warning, the man picks him up by the scruff of his shirt. Quinn screams and kicks the official hard. And strangely, at that precise moment, the Enforcer lets out a strange gurgling sound that grows lower in pitch. Finally, it slumps over and then crashes to the floor with a resounding thud.

Still wincing from Quinn’s kick, the official blinks at the Enforcer. “What the—”

He suddenly seizes up and twitches once, twice, then drops to the ground, sending Quinn into a rough landing on the grimy floor. He doesn’t move, unable to process the scene before him.

“Hi!” A young girl who looks to be around his age pokes her head around the corner of the cell. Her poofy dark curls bounce animatedly, and her honey eyes gleam with mischief. “The door’s open, dummy. So, what are you waiting for?”

He trembles and gets to his feet. “Um. O-okay.”

She gives him a gap-toothed grin and puts her hands on her hips. “We’re getting out of here.” And with that, she turns on her heels and struts away.

He hurries after her. “Um…but what about everyone else?”

She shrugs. “We’re the only two left who aren’t, like…” She whistles and clicks her tongue. “Yeah.”

“But my parents—”

“Hate to break it to ya, but it’s probably too late for ‘em.” She glances back at him, and her face softens. She approaches him slowly. “Sorry. It’s just…the same thing happened to mine. But, like I said, we’re the last two here. We got each other now. I’m Hana. Owens, if you care about last names.”

“Quinn. Uh, Enderson.” He tries not to think about his parents too much. After the Enforcers took them away a week ago, they never came back. “How are we getting out of here?”

She hesitates. Stops in her tracks. Rubs her chin thoughtfully. “Um. I didn’t really have a plan. Breaking anyone sane out was pretty much step one.”

He blinks. “That was step one? That’s so…I mean…” His voice peters out. Clearly, this girl—Hana—is a loose cannon. “Ah, um. Okay.” He paces back and forth quickly. “Okay. There might be escape pods somewhere. But there’s no way we can blend in. What do we do if we get caught?”

“Escape pods, nice! I didn’t think of that!” She pauses. “Um, if we run into anyone... we fight ‘em!”

“I’m literally twelve.”

“Yeah, and I’m eleven. Adults don’t wanna fight kids.”

“Because they could kill us. And besides, does it look like these adults care about hurting kids?”

“Right. We won’t get caught, then.” She approaches the single door at the end of the hall. “We’re on the New Realm station, right? Maybe all those people in white coats won’t pay attention to us.”

She steps in front of the doors, fully expecting them to slide open in her presence.

They don’t budge.



NOVEMBER 03, 2517

I am alive today.

I have learned the names of relevant persons, listed below, as well as some details I have noticed about them based on limited observations and the station’s records. More data is required to build improved profiles.


Person of interest 1: Elijah Wilder

My creator. A middle-aged man from Kometu, approximately 49-50 years of age.

Appearance is as follows:

Short black hair. Brown eyes. Height: Five foot eleven inches. Weight: 65.1 kilograms. Is often wearing a white lab coat with baggy, nondescript clothes underneath. Constant exhaustion lines on his face.

Elijah, or ‘Eli’ as I have heard others refer to him, does not interact with the other researchers on this station. He is not aloof but simply unwilling to converse. Thus, I suspect he has a conflict of interest with the other researchers. I have yet to uncover the nature of the research being performed here since I do not have access to all the records. But given Eli’s opposition, it surely cannot be good. Then again, some personal bias may be involved, seeing as how Eli is my creator and he cares for me.

Further investigation is required on this matter.


Person of interest 2: Minette

No surname provided. A young girl, approximately 18-19 years of age. Was born and raised here on the New Realm station.

Appearance is as follows:

Waist-length black hair. Dark eyes. Height: Five foot five inches. Weight: 45.3 kilograms. Wears plain black shirts and slacks, sometimes a black sweater if she is cold. Pallid appearance makes her look sickly.

When I awoke, I asked Minette if I could paint her. It must be part of my personality chip—my code allows me to develop my own interests and experience human emotions. I am grateful for this freedom. Although, even if I didn’t have this ability, I wouldn’t be able to care, so perhaps this gratitude is trivial.

Minette said I could not paint her, which was disappointing. My emotion-to-face connection must be strong because she reneged on her words and responded with a ‘Maybe later.’

But then, suddenly, she retreated against the wall and screamed. I wonder if I scared her. Did I display too much emotion? I must be careful in the future, then. She ran away after this incident.

According to my PAC modules, something is wrong with Minette. Her neural patterns are rather abnormal, although her vitals are within acceptable range. I did not see Minette again for the rest of the day.

Further investigation is required on this matter.


NOVEMBER 04, 2517

Today, I have a Net connection. I have spent 4.3 hours thus far studying human behaviors. Understanding the interactions between human beings will allow me to assist the people on this station better and fulfill my duties as a PAC bot. It will also allow me to understand and embrace my humanity. It is exciting, learning about human inventions and progress.

For example, the invention of the neuranet is fascinating. A series of fibers that wrap around the brain and allow humans to communicate telepathically—sending thoughts and even sensory experiences to one another. As a robot, I can also do those things. Here are some neurasenses I found on the Net:

--file attached: strawberry-scent.ns--

--file attached: tasteof_jasmine.ns--

--file attached: 5senseexperience-caféambiance.ns5--

Perhaps someone here would be willing to send me a neurasense so I can interpret them. I must remember to ask around later. Sharing things seems to be a vital component of human relationships.

I had the opportunity to interact with other individuals on the station this morning. See records below.

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