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Neuracode - Part II

Book 0.6:

project Juniper

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Formats: Ebook, paperback
Paperback ASIN: B0D2T74W6R
Ebook ASIN: B0CW1CL2Z5
ISBN-13: 979-8320511474

About the Book

A lonely experiment. A hardhearted con artist. A death that changes everything.

MINETTE is trapped on the New Realm station, but she dreams of exploring Earth. To escape, she’ll have to recover from her illness first, a mysterious affliction that haunts her sleep and alters her reality.

But there are things far worse than being trapped.

As she fights her own mind, she begins to question those around her. Are they really keeping her safe? Or are they keeping others safe from her?

ASAHI is painfully broke. Overworked and exhausted, she finally snaps and agrees to join a band of misfit con artists.

Just like that, her new life begins.

Entrenched in a glittering world of elaborate plots to foil the corrupt, Asahi fits right in. Unfortunately, their next con has one fatal flaw—one that could ruin everything they’ve worked for.

Neuracode: Part II is the second half of the prequel to Project Juniper, a thrilling YA/NA cyberpunk series written by Eris Goode. A perfect read for fans of Amie Kaufman’s Illuminae, Marissa Meyer’s Cinder, or Marie Lu’s Legend, filled with gritty characters, futuristic settings, and riveting action.


SEPTEMBER 2, 2505 - 10:14

The stars look lonely outside.

Juni and Eli are gone.

They left me heer hear here. On this dumb stayshun. So I desided to record my thouts the stuff I think in my brain net so Im not lonely.

Reya tryes to talk to me but I wont let her. Shes mean. Like when she made me go to sleep with a sharp thingy and then when I woke up my head was all weerd werdweyrd weird. I dont want to talk to her.



SEPTEMBER 4, 2505 – 20:56

I walked around the stayshun today. Everyone is a grown up and there busy with work. I found some pretty blue rocks to play with but someone yelled at me and told me to put them down, which made me cry because I dont know why they were so mad. Stupid rocks.



SEPTEMBER 5, 2505 – 17:02

I cried a lot today. They left me. Here. They left me all alone. I wish things could go back to before.



SEPTEMBER 20, 2505 – 15:34

I desided to talk to Reya becoz no one else talks to me. They just keep putting me back in my room and shutting the door.

Reya let me stay with her but she didnt say a lot to me. So I sat down for a long time and wotched her rite on papers. Then she looked at me confused so I kept sitting. She asked me if I new what she was working on and I sed no. Then she asked me if I new what a neuranet was. I sed no again. I felt dumb, becoz why didnt I no anything?

Neuranet. N-e-u-r-a-n-e-t. It’s a little net that wraps around your brain. You can do all sorts of things with it. I’ll show you some other time.

Thats what she told me. I asked if she has one and she sed yes and its very useful. She also sed I have one too.

I dont think I want one. I dont want things in my hed.

After that I didnt have any more qwestions so Reya gave me a paper and pen for me to draw with.

I didnt no what to draw so I drew a line.



APRIL 28, 2506 – 21:09

I forgot to log in here. But I like Reya a little now. She helps me spell better, but it’s mostly me tapping on an airscreen and practising while she works. I like airscreens. They’re so small but they send all sorts of holos into the air that you can play with. I like to make holo friends on there.

I also forgot what happened today, mostly. I forget stuff a lot. It feels strange like there are gaps in my head.



OCTOBER 27, 2507 – 21:17

I’m nine today. Reya took me to see space for my birthday. We looked at it threw a big window. The stars are still lonely-looking, but I saw this time there were rocks and stuff to keep them company. So maybe they’re not so lonely?

Look over there. That’s Astreloon, is what Reya said. Is it Astreloon? I don’t know how to spell it. It was a big circle off to the side and I’m not sure what she pointed at. Is the whole circle Astreloon? I asked her and she said no. The circle is Earth ß she told me how to spell this one! I have to ask her how to spell the other word.

So I found out that Astreloon(?) is a country on Earth. Reya says she came from a city in Astreloon(??). I asked if I came from there too, but she said I was born here.

She knew my parents, but they got very sick and had to go somewhere for a long time. I dont really get it. What are parents? Reya said that didn’t matter and she would take care of me instead because she told my parents she would do that. I wanted to know more about my parents but she shaked her head at me.

I wonder if they went to Astreloon. I bet there are loads of people in Astreloon on Earth, which is scary. Reya agreed and said there were some very scary places there and that I’m safer here, on the station.

Reya also sent me a neurasense today. I didn’t understand it, so she explained that she sent a gift to my neuranet. Then she explained that a gift is a nice thing you give to someone. The neurasense was of a sweet food called cake. It was really tasty, and I could feel it all melty-like on my tonge tongue. Sharing felt really nice. Less lonely.

Reya’s never done this before, so I think she maybe misses Juni and Eli.

I miss Juni and Eli too, I said, and she got all sad and even looked a little angry. But she didn’t cry. Grown-ups sometimes don’t cry when they want to. I just sat and experienced the neurasense in case she didn’t want me to see her not-crying and not-angry.

Maybe Reya isn’t so bad. Her friend is okay too, I guess. I keep getting her name rong wrong thowgh though, so I just call her Miss Lady, because she is a miss and also a lady. They think that name is funny, so I’m going to keep calling her that.

I wish Juni and Eli were here, but it was still a good birthday!

--neurafile: birthdaycake_Minette9.ns--

--alt text: Sugar melts on my tongue. Vanilla scrapes against my teeth, making them ache. The cake is bright blue and decorated with pink sprinkles. I can smell the joy that this cake brings. It’s a soft, sweet smell. Somehow, it makes me a little sad too.--


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